Miss UT Teen USA

Miss UT Teen USA

Miss Utah Teen USA wearing Jovani

Rachel Bell, our Miss Utah Teen USA wearing Ypsilon Dresses! Photos: @thehighpines Model: @missutteenusa, @rachel__bell Makeup: @janelleingram

The Reality of Alterations

The Reality of Alterations

Not every dress fits every person perfectly. All dresses are made to a certain size measurement, but nearly no one fits that exact measurement; that's where alterations come in. Altering a dress is not as scary as it may seem. Ypsilon has several tailors throughout the Salt Lake valley that are familiar with the dresses, the type of alterations that are commonly done, and the quality of work expected. With the help of these experienced professionals, your imperfectly fitting dress can become the perfect fit. Alterations can also allow you to get creative with your dress and add your own personal touch. 

Most common alterations are hemming - shortening the bottom of the dress to hang just above the floor, raising the neckline - bringing a dress up in the shoulders to pull the bodice up, and adding or adjusting straps or sleeves. 


Dresses have to be made for taller girls because a dress can always be shortened, but there is no way to make it longer. Having a dress hemmed is one of the most common and easiest alterations. Depending on the dress and the fabric, this can be done fairly quickly. The more layers a dress has, the longer it will take and the higher the cost. If you are dreaming of a big, full ballgown, be sure to come into Ypsilon and pick one out ASAP, leaving enough time to hem all of those layers. You can also have a little bit of fun with your hemline by turning your dress into a tea-length, a high-low, or cutting it off at the knee to make a short dress!

Shoulders and Bodice

Because dresses have to be made for taller girls, not only is the hem often too long but so is the bodice. Many dresses need to be brought up by the shoulders in order to fit a shorter girl. This is usually a fairly simple alteration, requiring only a few quick stitches on sleeveless dresses. If the shoulders of the dress have beading or a sleeve, this process may be a bit more difficult. Be sure to pick up your dress in time, especially if you have one with beading and sleeves. 

Adding a Strap or a Sleeve

While shopping for a dress, many people are put out by the idea of a strapless dress - it may not feel secure, or may not be up to modesty standards or dress codes. This is your chance to get creative and make your dress totally your own. Strapless dresses are absolutely wonderful if your school has a strict dress code, or if you prefer something with a strap. Because there is nothing up top, strapless dresses are completely customizable. You can get really creative here, adding anything from a spaghetti strap to a full sleeve. The options are endless!

Alterations don't have to be a daunting task. You can take you dress from pretty and unique to completely your style, making it totally your own. Remember that not everything will fit right off the hanger, and that's okay. With the help of Ypsilon and a great tailor, there is nothing stopping you from crushing it at prom!

The Designers and The Trends

The Designers and The Trends

Every designer has their signature look - Christian Louboutin makes shoes with red bottoms, Michael Kors puts an MK on everything, and nothing by Burberry is ever complete without their signature plaid. Just like these world-renowned designers, the dress designers carried at Ypsilon have their signature looks and styles. Sherri Hill, Tony Bowls, Johnathan Kayne, and many others at Ypsilon keep up with the 2017 prom trends while still remaining true to their name. 

Jovani -

 Signature look: Ultra glam with show-stopping bead work. Jovani has taken their signature glamor and cranked it up a notch for prom by adding fun prints and exciting layers, while keeping that red carpet level of extra we'd expect.  They've also taken the traditional ball gown and given it a makeover, and bringing it back into this century. 

Tony Bowls - Signature look: Fitted and sophisticated. Tony Bowls has taken their elegant, grown-up style and added an element of fun to the prom collection. Bright colors, delicate florals and intricate appliques make Tony's dresses perfect for prom. And if you're feeling bold enough, prom pants are totally on trend. 

Mac Douggal - Signature look: Bold colors. Mac Douggal has added their signature bright and bold colors to some amazing prints for their prom collection. If you are looking to rock the print trend that has taken Utah by storm, Mac Douggal is the designer for you. 


Johnathan Kayne - Signature look: Luxurious fabrics. For all things velvet, organza, and beautiful, silky satin, Johnathan Kayne is your go-to this prom season. Taking amazing fabrics and making them into simplistic, gorgeous pieces is definitely an art form that Johnathan has mastered. And with the recent comeback velvet has made, staying on trend is easier than ever. 


Sherri Hill- Signature look: Charming elegance. Over the past few prom seasons, Sherri Hill has become known and loved by pretty much every girl ever. Her classy, fun styles have shaped the trends. When Sherri Hill makes a dress, everyone likes it; she can do no wrong in the world of prom. 



Perfect Prom Accessories

Perfect Prom Accessories

Found your perfect dress? Take you look to the next level! Accessorizing can take you from pretty to bombshell in seconds flat. From trendy to classic, Ypsilon is sure to have exactly what you need, so be sure to pick up some super rad jewelry, adorable shoes, and cute headbands to complete your prom ensemble.

Chokers – Chokers are huge right now. Everyone is wearing them, so why not wear one to prom? This look is perfect for a dress with a lower neckline and will make you look sophisticated with just a hint of edgy. Not all chokers have to be black and harsh; Ypsilon has a great selection of pretty, delicate lace ones, simple velvet ones, and elegant beaded chokers. Make an even bigger statement by layering a choker with one or two longer necklaces! This is your chance to really make your look your own.


Earrings – Earrings are the perfect way to spice up any dress; just remember to find balance with the size of earring, amount of beading on the dress, and the necklace choice. Earrings are great for dresses with high neck-lines where a necklace wouldn’t really work. Make sure your earrings and neckline don’t clash, though.


Bracelets – Who doesn’t love bracelets? Bracelets go well with virtually any dress, making them one of the easiest ways to accessorize. Finding bracelets that combine the beading or details of the dress with the metal and colors of your earrings or necklace can tie your whole look together perfectly.


Headbands – For those who want even more sparkle and shine, why not add a headband? A headband can add a feel of soft romance, and can basically solve all of your hair problems. You don’t have to want to look like a princess for a headband to work; flower headbands, and headbands with simple beading are the perfect fit for those with a more bohemian look.


Shoes – Shoes are nothing to stress over. If you dress is long and covers your feet, choose something classic and comfortable that you can dance the night away in. If you went for a short or high-low look, a fun shoe can really make a statement.

You have the dress, you have the date, now get the accessories! They will make your look more complete and cohesive, and they’re so much fun! Ypsilon is on it for your 2017 prom goals.

Utah’s Only Authorized Sherri Hill Retailer

If you’ve heard of prom, chances are you’ve heard of Sherri Hill. Going to prom in a Sherri Hill dress means going in style with the hottest trends and looking like prom royalty. Sherri Hill releases hundreds of styles each prom season, making it easy to find the perfect dress for every unique style.


Ypsilon Dresses is the only authorized Sherri Hill retailer in Utah and carries one of the largest selections of Sherri Hill on the West Coast. Ypsilon’s inventory includes hundreds of styles from the 2017 prom collection, with more dresses coming in nearly every week. Becoming an authorized retailer is not easy, and Ypsilon has worked hard to provide the best selection of dresses in the state. With the biggest selection in Utah and one of the biggest on this side of the country, you’re sure to find the Sherri Hill dress of your dreams.


Every girl wants to be a Sherri Hill girl, and Ypsilon has got you covered! There are hundreds of dresses in stock, so no matter what look you are going for, it's here at Ypsilon. Happy dress shopping!


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Prom DOs and DON'Ts

Prom DOs and DON'Ts

Prom season is officially here, and there is SO much to do! Between finding a dress, to getting the accessories and shoes to match your dress, and perfecting your hair and makeup, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the season and forget to have fun. Luckily for you, Ypisilon has made this handy guide so that you don’t make some of the most common prom mistakes. We’ll help you look amazing and keep calm on your way to prom!


1.     Find an amazing dress at Ypsilon. It is also a very good idea to buy your dress in advance– things could go wrong or you could need alterations that may take a few weeks. The sooner you have your dress, the better. You’ll also have more time to find the perfect shoes and accessories to complete your ensemble.

2.     Have fun with your look. When else are you going to be able to go all out like this? Find an amazing hairstyle and makeup look that will compliment your dress, your face shape, and skin tone. This is the time go full glam!

3.     Rehearse your look in advance. Practice the hairstyle and makeup you’ve chosen to see if they look good with your dress and accessories. You don’t want to wait until the day of prom to find out that you hate your hair in a side braid, or that the red lip you chose is actually way too orange.

4.     Be a good date. Whether you are in a relationship, or going with a friend, be sure to be a good date and make sure that your date knows you appreciate them. They were probably stressed about this night just like you, so try to ease their nerves and just have fun. Don’t spend too much time on your phone, and don’t ignore your date while talking to your friends. Make sure they feel included and wanted.

5.     Take a ton of pictures. They night will eventually end, but you’ll have the memories forever. Be sure you document as much as you can; your future self will thank you. Take pictures and videos, and maybe even try some silly Snapchat filters. Take pictures of yourself, your date, your friends, your dress, and everything else. But when the time comes, put the phone down and remember to live in the moment.

6.     Have gum and touch up makeup. Bring a small bag of essentials with you for touch-ups and emergencies. You never know when your lipstick will smear, or if your salad will have onions. Better safe than sorry!


1.     Don't forget to break in your shoes. No one wants to have their night end in sore feet and blisters. Be sure to decide on your shoes at least a week in advance to make sure that you can walk in them, and that they don’t completely destroy your feet. Wear them around the house a few hours a day before the big night. Your feet will thank you!

2.      Don't order a dress online from a sketchy website. It may not come in time, it might not fit properly, it might not be what you expected, or they could send you the wrong dress. There are too many factors that could make this situation end in tears, so it’s better to pick a dress in a store that you can see and try on. Don’t leave this one up to fate!

3.    Don't get a spray-tan the hour before. Spray-tans take at least eight hours to fully develop, and could potentially result in Cheeto-colored skin. If you are getting a spray-tan, do it the day before. This gives the tan time to develop and set into your skin. Make sure you go to a tanning salon that uses high-quality pigments and get the color that is right for you. If you are very fair skinned, don’t go straight for the dark bronze; try to stay closer to your natural skin color with a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

4.     Don't be on your phone the whole night. Be aware and live in the moment. Not only is it rude to be on your phone the whole time in front of your date and your friends, but if you are staring at your phone, you are missing the night that you want to remember. Twitter will still be there when prom ends, and the world won’t fall apart if you put your phone down for an hour or two. Have fun and enjoy this night while it lasts!

5.     Don't freak out. This night is important, but it’s nothing to stress yourself out over. Do as much prep-work in advance so that the day of prom you are not scrambling to get everything done last minute. Make your hair and makeup appointments early so that you can for sure get into the salon. This will be a night to remember, and you don’t want to remember being a ball of stress. Take a deep breath, get a manicure, and remember to let yourself have fun.


Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready

Look like you just stepped off the red carpet as you walk into prom with these fresh-from-The-Oscars styles. Get your acceptance speech ready, because these dresses are sure to win you the award for best dressed. Ypsilon has some amazing styles that even the hottest celebs can’t get enough of, and we can't wait to show them all off. 

Emma Stone: rocking the fringe as she accepts her Oscar for Best Actress for her unbeatable performance in La La Land. Fringe may be a little intimidating, but don't be afraid to wear this super fun and flirty trend!

Jannelle Monae stunned in an Elie Saab gown. Go for the drama with a statement dress like this by Sherri Hill, and you’re sure to get noticed. The 3D detailing really pops and makes this dress one that won't be forgotten. 

Going for a more classic look, Taraji Henson absolutely slayed in her custom Alberta Ferretti off-the-shoulder dress. This sophisticated style is simply stunning and is totally do-able for prom. With statement jewelry and killer shoes, simplicity has never looked so spectacular.

Loving the layers: Georgina Chapman looks effortlessly elegant in a multi-layered Marchesa gown, each layer featuring gorgeous embroidery. This look is achievable for prom with the help of the amazing Sherri Hill. Her 2017 collection features these flirty layers in abundance.

Kirsten Dunst graced the red carpet in a strapless, tea-length gown. This look is very on-trend, and Sherri Hill has taken notice, with a fun twist on a timeless style.

You certainly don’t have to be an Academy Award winner to dress like one, and Ypsilon has so many amazing styles that will be sure to put you on the A-List. Happy prom season!

Finding your fit

Finding your fit

The first step in finding your perfect dress is finding your perfect fit. Find a shape that flatters your body, accentuates and highlights the best parts of you. Ypsilon has a huge variety of shapes and fits, making it easy for everyone to find the one that’s right for them.

Finding a dress for your special occasion can be an overwhelming process. There are so many styles, colors, prints, looks, and fits to choose from. If you’ve been looking at photos on the internet, you may come into Ypsilon with an idea of what you are looking for. However, you may not love the style you chose from the photos in real life or on your body type. Shopping online versus in a store can completely change your opinion of a dress, and that’s why it’s important to come in and try things on before making such an important decision.


Flowy is one of the most universally flattering shapes. Featuring a fitted bodice and a loose, often layered skirt, flowy dresses hug the upper body and fall away from the hips. This draws attention to the smallest part of the waist, and makes the legs look miles long. The fullness of the skirt will vary by dress, but usually flowy dresses will have 1 to 3 layers of a light fabric such as chiffon or organza.


Fitted dresses hug the body all the way down. This shape is great because it shows off your shape, and looks very classic and elegant. Most fitted dresses are made out of a jersey fabric that moves with you and is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.



Ball gown is the classic princess shape that you see in so many fairytales. Traditionally, ball gowns are fitted through the bodice and have a very full skirt. Because of the fullness of the skirt, this shape will draw the most attention to the waistline. This shape can be gorgeous and classic, although may sometimes overwhelm those with a smaller frame.



Mermaid dresses get their name from the shape of a mermaid’s tale; fitted through the hip and thigh, then flaring out at the bottom. This shape gives a long, lean look, but the flair at the bottom creates that element of fun and lightheartedness. Drawing attention the waist and hips, mermaid styles can be very flattering, and give a great silhouette.  

What to Expect in Your Ypsilon Appointment

What to Expect in Your Ypsilon Appointment

You’ve made your appointment. You’re ready to find the dress of your dreams. You could not be more excited. But if you’ve never been into Ypsilon before, the process can be a little confusing. This is not your average dress shopping experience. This is Ypsilon.


Upon entering the store, you’re greeted by gorgeous chandeliers, pictures of beautiful dresses, and lots of mirrors. It’s a lot to take in. Once you and your entourage have been seated, a Dress Specialist will come out and talk to you about what you are looking for. She will ask about what your dress event’s dress code, your budget, and will measure you to find your size. She then leaves to pulls you a variety of dresses, and puts them in your fitting room. This is when the fun begins.


Once you are in your first dress, open your fitting room curtain and ask your Dress Specialist to zip the dress up. Then you get to show off the dresses to your family and friends, and you become the star of your own fashion show.


One of the most important things you can do in your appointment is trust in your dress specialist. She knows what she is doing, and she is listening to your thoughts and concerns during your appointment. If she pulls a style that you may not like on the hanger, remember that there is a reason that she pulled this dress. She could have wanted you to see how you liked the fit or the color so that she can move closer to finding the perfect dress for you. Don’t get discouraged if you try on a few dresses in a row that just don’t wow you; remember that not all of them will. The more dresses you try on, the more your dress specialist will learn about you, your style, and your likes and dislikes. This process works, and your dress specialist will find your perfect dress for you if you give her the chance.


After you’ve tried on enough dresses, it’s time to narrow down the favorites. This is by far the hardest part of the appointment, and it can be a tough decision. With the support of your family and friends, and the advice of your Dress Specialist, you’ll be sure to leave with the right dress for you. Accessorizing each dress with jewelry and shoes can sometimes make the decision a bit easier. Have fun with accessories, they can really make or break a dress!


Ypsilon appointments are so much fun, and they are all about you and finding your dress. The one-on-one experience with each client and Dress Specialist far surpasses that of everyday department store shopping. Your perfect dress is here; make your appointment to come and find it.



Text or call 801-355-5400 to schedule your appointment!

Rocking the 2017 Trends

Rocking the 2017 Trends

From big, bright floral, to subtle paisley and delicate embroidery, this prom season it’s all about prints and patterns. Ypsilson has a huge selection of styles and prints from tons of designers that are sure to please even the pickiest of shoppers.


The possibilities are endless in a printed dress. Featuring vibrant colors and patterns, printed dresses are easily the most fun to accessorize. You’re sure to stand out in the crowd and will definitely be remembered in a pattern fit for a prom queen.


Embroidery has been a huge trend in Boho fashion, and is making it’s way into the formal wear scene. Embroidered dresses have all the fun and excitement of a print, but have a much more laid back vibe. 

Floral Detailing

Floral detailing can really make a dress pop. Raised 3D flowers and appliques add an element of interest and excitement to an otherwise simple dress. Charlie Heaton, actress from Stranger Things rocked a stunning red dress with a raised floral neckline at this weekend’s SAG Awards. Sherri Hill’s 2017 prom collection has tons of dresses with this type of detailing, and we simply cannot get enough.


Jacquard is a type of fabric with a raised pattern on it instead of a print. This look is as fun and exciting as a regular print, but is more subdued and elegant. It has all of the great qualities of a print without being too wild. This look is perfect to the Blair Waldorf type of girl, sophisticated and classy, yet fun and youthful. 

Sherri Hill + Ypsilon + You = #PromGoals​

Sherri Hill + Ypsilon + You = #PromGoals​

Prom season is fast approaching, and you know what that means: New. Sherri. Hill. The 2017 prom collection is full of bright florals, delicate lace, and vibrant fabrics. Today Ypsilon received a HUGE Sherri Hill shipment, and we cannot wait to show off these amazing new styles that will keep you #trendy.

This season, it’s all about individuality and unique styles that you will be OBSESSED with. Sherri Hill threw the rules out the window, and the results are to die for. Whether your vibe is quirky, bold, ultra-glam, or the ever-so-trendy Boho, Sherri Hill and Ypsilon have got you covered.


The Two-piece

One the hottest trends of 2017 is definitely the two-piece dress. Sherri Hill has a huge selection of two-piece dresses with tons of different silhouettes and necklines to choose from. For an even bolder look, try a two piece with a different colored skirt and bodice. Who says your dress has be just one color?

The Prints                             

Sherri Hill’s prints are totally unique and completely unforgettable. From bright florals to subtle paisleys, printed prom dresses are a trend that we can all get on board with. For a look that is sure to slay, don’t be afraid to go bold!

The Ball Gown

The ball gown is back! Arriving in bold prints and flirty pastels, with just a pinch of vintage inspiration, Sherri Hill ball gowns are literally everything. Feel like a Southern belle without looking like you just stepped out 1836.

The High-Low

Can’t decide if you want a short dress or a long one? Why not both! High-low is a unique look that gives you the best of both worlds. From flowing organza skirts, to bold and flirty prints, these dresses are so much fun, yet elegant enough to give Christian Dior a run for his money.


Sherri Hill’s 2017 collection is anything but basic. These dresses are as unique, bold, sophisticated, fun, fearless, vibrant, beautiful, and unforgettable as you are, and you deserve to show off your amazing personality with an amazing dress. Sherri Hill + Ypsilon + you = #promgoals

We are hiring

Hey Everyone,

We Are Hiring!

Our Values: 
Here at Ypsilon Dresses, we work as a team to give each client an unforgettable experience. We are hiring for multiple positions: Dress Assistants, Dress Specialists, and Part-Time Managers. We would love to have you join our team! Below we have listed our Company Values/Hiring Qualifications:
-Good listener
-Team player

Job Description
We are hiring for multiple positions: Dress Assistants, Dress Specialists, and Part-Time Managers. Working at Ypsilon Dresses is so much fun! Here is a *glimpse of a typical day in the life* of a Dress Specialist:
-Conduct appointments with clients shopping for: Homecoming, Sweethearts and Prom
-Establish a relationship with the clients family & friends who are attending the appointment
-Discover the clients style by trying on different designers, shapes, fabrics, and colors
-Select from thousands of gorgeous formal dresses
-Assist the client in the dressing room
-Help the client select the dress and offer hair, makeup and styling suggestions

More About The Job
We are hiring seasonal employees to work our Prom Season (Jan 1-May 15). You will attend a training class where you will learn about the job, product and more about our team environment. Multiple training classes offered throughout December. 
Hours per week are flexible- anywhere between 5 hours (1 shift) to 20 hours (4 shifts) per week. Most shifts begin at 2:00pm or 3:00pm and last 5 hours. There are no age requirements. All ages are welcome to apply. Questions about Schedules, Compensation and "Request-off-dates" should be directed towards the Sales Manager.

How To Apply
No previous experience necessary, We would love to meet you and assess where you would fit in at Ypsilon Dresses. Email Cheryl@ypsilondresses.com (Sales Manager) the following 3 items: 
1) Your Resume- Tell us about yourself- skills, hobbies, interests, passions etc. No previous experience required
2) Your Availability- What days/times you can work and How many hours you would like per week
3) Answer this question- "Why do you want to work at Ypsilon Dresses"

Ypsilon Dresses
At Ypsilon, We make shopping for formal events a fun experience through our personalized appointments. We are widely acknowledged for providing each client the attention, guidance and expertise to help them find the perfect dress for their upcoming event. We are the largest Prom dress store in the State of Utah and the largest Sherri Hill retailer. We are located a few blocks away from the Fashion Place Mall (6905 South State Street, Midvale, UT 84047).