Prom season is fast approaching, and you know what that means: New. Sherri. Hill. The 2017 prom collection is full of bright florals, delicate lace, and vibrant fabrics. Today Ypsilon received a HUGE Sherri Hill shipment, and we cannot wait to show off these amazing new styles that will keep you #trendy.

This season, it’s all about individuality and unique styles that you will be OBSESSED with. Sherri Hill threw the rules out the window, and the results are to die for. Whether your vibe is quirky, bold, ultra-glam, or the ever-so-trendy Boho, Sherri Hill and Ypsilon have got you covered.


The Two-piece

One the hottest trends of 2017 is definitely the two-piece dress. Sherri Hill has a huge selection of two-piece dresses with tons of different silhouettes and necklines to choose from. For an even bolder look, try a two piece with a different colored skirt and bodice. Who says your dress has be just one color?

The Prints                             

Sherri Hill’s prints are totally unique and completely unforgettable. From bright florals to subtle paisleys, printed prom dresses are a trend that we can all get on board with. For a look that is sure to slay, don’t be afraid to go bold!

The Ball Gown

The ball gown is back! Arriving in bold prints and flirty pastels, with just a pinch of vintage inspiration, Sherri Hill ball gowns are literally everything. Feel like a Southern belle without looking like you just stepped out 1836.

The High-Low

Can’t decide if you want a short dress or a long one? Why not both! High-low is a unique look that gives you the best of both worlds. From flowing organza skirts, to bold and flirty prints, these dresses are so much fun, yet elegant enough to give Christian Dior a run for his money.


Sherri Hill’s 2017 collection is anything but basic. These dresses are as unique, bold, sophisticated, fun, fearless, vibrant, beautiful, and unforgettable as you are, and you deserve to show off your amazing personality with an amazing dress. Sherri Hill + Ypsilon + you = #promgoals