Prom season is officially here, and there is SO much to do! Between finding a dress, to getting the accessories and shoes to match your dress, and perfecting your hair and makeup, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the season and forget to have fun. Luckily for you, Ypisilon has made this handy guide so that you don’t make some of the most common prom mistakes. We’ll help you look amazing and keep calm on your way to prom!


1.     Find an amazing dress at Ypsilon. It is also a very good idea to buy your dress in advance– things could go wrong or you could need alterations that may take a few weeks. The sooner you have your dress, the better. You’ll also have more time to find the perfect shoes and accessories to complete your ensemble.

2.     Have fun with your look. When else are you going to be able to go all out like this? Find an amazing hairstyle and makeup look that will compliment your dress, your face shape, and skin tone. This is the time go full glam!

3.     Rehearse your look in advance. Practice the hairstyle and makeup you’ve chosen to see if they look good with your dress and accessories. You don’t want to wait until the day of prom to find out that you hate your hair in a side braid, or that the red lip you chose is actually way too orange.

4.     Be a good date. Whether you are in a relationship, or going with a friend, be sure to be a good date and make sure that your date knows you appreciate them. They were probably stressed about this night just like you, so try to ease their nerves and just have fun. Don’t spend too much time on your phone, and don’t ignore your date while talking to your friends. Make sure they feel included and wanted.

5.     Take a ton of pictures. They night will eventually end, but you’ll have the memories forever. Be sure you document as much as you can; your future self will thank you. Take pictures and videos, and maybe even try some silly Snapchat filters. Take pictures of yourself, your date, your friends, your dress, and everything else. But when the time comes, put the phone down and remember to live in the moment.

6.     Have gum and touch up makeup. Bring a small bag of essentials with you for touch-ups and emergencies. You never know when your lipstick will smear, or if your salad will have onions. Better safe than sorry!


1.     Don't forget to break in your shoes. No one wants to have their night end in sore feet and blisters. Be sure to decide on your shoes at least a week in advance to make sure that you can walk in them, and that they don’t completely destroy your feet. Wear them around the house a few hours a day before the big night. Your feet will thank you!

2.      Don't order a dress online from a sketchy website. It may not come in time, it might not fit properly, it might not be what you expected, or they could send you the wrong dress. There are too many factors that could make this situation end in tears, so it’s better to pick a dress in a store that you can see and try on. Don’t leave this one up to fate!

3.    Don't get a spray-tan the hour before. Spray-tans take at least eight hours to fully develop, and could potentially result in Cheeto-colored skin. If you are getting a spray-tan, do it the day before. This gives the tan time to develop and set into your skin. Make sure you go to a tanning salon that uses high-quality pigments and get the color that is right for you. If you are very fair skinned, don’t go straight for the dark bronze; try to stay closer to your natural skin color with a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

4.     Don't be on your phone the whole night. Be aware and live in the moment. Not only is it rude to be on your phone the whole time in front of your date and your friends, but if you are staring at your phone, you are missing the night that you want to remember. Twitter will still be there when prom ends, and the world won’t fall apart if you put your phone down for an hour or two. Have fun and enjoy this night while it lasts!

5.     Don't freak out. This night is important, but it’s nothing to stress yourself out over. Do as much prep-work in advance so that the day of prom you are not scrambling to get everything done last minute. Make your hair and makeup appointments early so that you can for sure get into the salon. This will be a night to remember, and you don’t want to remember being a ball of stress. Take a deep breath, get a manicure, and remember to let yourself have fun.