Not every dress fits every person perfectly. All dresses are made to a certain size measurement, but nearly no one fits that exact measurement; that's where alterations come in. Altering a dress is not as scary as it may seem. Ypsilon has several tailors throughout the Salt Lake valley that are familiar with the dresses, the type of alterations that are commonly done, and the quality of work expected. With the help of these experienced professionals, your imperfectly fitting dress can become the perfect fit. Alterations can also allow you to get creative with your dress and add your own personal touch. 

Most common alterations are hemming - shortening the bottom of the dress to hang just above the floor, raising the neckline - bringing a dress up in the shoulders to pull the bodice up, and adding or adjusting straps or sleeves. 


Dresses have to be made for taller girls because a dress can always be shortened, but there is no way to make it longer. Having a dress hemmed is one of the most common and easiest alterations. Depending on the dress and the fabric, this can be done fairly quickly. The more layers a dress has, the longer it will take and the higher the cost. If you are dreaming of a big, full ballgown, be sure to come into Ypsilon and pick one out ASAP, leaving enough time to hem all of those layers. You can also have a little bit of fun with your hemline by turning your dress into a tea-length, a high-low, or cutting it off at the knee to make a short dress!

Shoulders and Bodice

Because dresses have to be made for taller girls, not only is the hem often too long but so is the bodice. Many dresses need to be brought up by the shoulders in order to fit a shorter girl. This is usually a fairly simple alteration, requiring only a few quick stitches on sleeveless dresses. If the shoulders of the dress have beading or a sleeve, this process may be a bit more difficult. Be sure to pick up your dress in time, especially if you have one with beading and sleeves. 

Adding a Strap or a Sleeve

While shopping for a dress, many people are put out by the idea of a strapless dress - it may not feel secure, or may not be up to modesty standards or dress codes. This is your chance to get creative and make your dress totally your own. Strapless dresses are absolutely wonderful if your school has a strict dress code, or if you prefer something with a strap. Because there is nothing up top, strapless dresses are completely customizable. You can get really creative here, adding anything from a spaghetti strap to a full sleeve. The options are endless!

Alterations don't have to be a daunting task. You can take you dress from pretty and unique to completely your style, making it totally your own. Remember that not everything will fit right off the hanger, and that's okay. With the help of Ypsilon and a great tailor, there is nothing stopping you from crushing it at prom!