Found your perfect dress? Take you look to the next level! Accessorizing can take you from pretty to bombshell in seconds flat. From trendy to classic, Ypsilon is sure to have exactly what you need, so be sure to pick up some super rad jewelry, adorable shoes, and cute headbands to complete your prom ensemble.

Chokers – Chokers are huge right now. Everyone is wearing them, so why not wear one to prom? This look is perfect for a dress with a lower neckline and will make you look sophisticated with just a hint of edgy. Not all chokers have to be black and harsh; Ypsilon has a great selection of pretty, delicate lace ones, simple velvet ones, and elegant beaded chokers. Make an even bigger statement by layering a choker with one or two longer necklaces! This is your chance to really make your look your own.


Earrings – Earrings are the perfect way to spice up any dress; just remember to find balance with the size of earring, amount of beading on the dress, and the necklace choice. Earrings are great for dresses with high neck-lines where a necklace wouldn’t really work. Make sure your earrings and neckline don’t clash, though.


Bracelets – Who doesn’t love bracelets? Bracelets go well with virtually any dress, making them one of the easiest ways to accessorize. Finding bracelets that combine the beading or details of the dress with the metal and colors of your earrings or necklace can tie your whole look together perfectly.


Headbands – For those who want even more sparkle and shine, why not add a headband? A headband can add a feel of soft romance, and can basically solve all of your hair problems. You don’t have to want to look like a princess for a headband to work; flower headbands, and headbands with simple beading are the perfect fit for those with a more bohemian look.


Shoes – Shoes are nothing to stress over. If you dress is long and covers your feet, choose something classic and comfortable that you can dance the night away in. If you went for a short or high-low look, a fun shoe can really make a statement.

You have the dress, you have the date, now get the accessories! They will make your look more complete and cohesive, and they’re so much fun! Ypsilon is on it for your 2017 prom goals.