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We've all heard the saying, 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression,' but no one quite understands the truth of this quite like pageant girls do!  When competing for a pageant title, every second in front of the judges matters.  Your poise, posture, attitude, language, and wardrobe are noticed and taken into account as these judges strive to find the most prepared, competent, and natural girl to take the crown and this coveted year long job.  Some may call a pageant one of the most in-depth and strenuous job interviews out there.  So, for the girls who have their eye on a pageant title prize, we've created a simple guide below on what to wear for your next pageant interview.

First, the focus should always be on the face.  To accomplish this, accompany your outfit with simple, nude colored shoes and jewelry.  Steer away from loud patterns on your outfit, and opt for a one color dress with a flattering and interesting shape.  Also be weary of distracting necklaces or bracelets, and go for some classy earrings instead.  These guidelines will help the judges to take in your outfit without spending too much time admiring shoes or dress details and keep their focus on you and what you are saying to them.  

Which colors are best for interview?  Gem tones such as bright blues, reds, greens, pinks, etc. are always great options, especially for teen competitions.  These colors also work for Miss pageants, along with white or black.  You want a distinguishable color that compliments your skin tone and is memorable!

What shape is best for interview outfits?  This depends on your body type and what looks best on you.  Below you can find images of different and gorgeous shapes that totally work for each contestant wearing them.  When shopping for your interview outfit, try on different shapes and styles, take photos in each, and compare how they look.  Also take into account your personality and attitude and how your interview outfit will communicate this to the judges.

The Traditional Fitted Dress

Traditional and classic, a fitted dress with a simple neckline and bold color will always be a hit in every pageant system. Miss Dixie Teen Utah USA looked beautiful in this fitted style, and the popping red color was stunning against her gorgeous skin tone.



One Shoulder Glam

So much personality in this stunning blue number!  Dynamic, yet simple, a dress like this is sure to make a statement when you walk into the interview room, but still allow the judges to take their attention from your outfit to focus on the important things: you and your answers.  Miss Logan Teen Utah USA  absolutely rocked this bold and sassy look.  Her interview dress was a hit for sure. 



Daring in Pants

Much less traditional and much more daring, pant outfits are making their way into all pageant systems as a modern choice for pageant interview.  Another great one shoulder look, this popping red makes a beautiful contrast against Miss Davis County Teen Utah USA (and the current Miss Utah Teen USA) and her dark hair color.  A nude shoe is just the right fit to carry this interview outfit to the top.



The Unique Ballgown Shape

Besides wearing pants instead of a fitted dress, another option to show personality and be unique is to wear a dress with a unique shape!  This playful and young silhouette is perfect for Miss Draper Teen Utah USA and the color compliments her in every way.  A gorgeous but simple hoop earring draws attention to her face- exactly where the attention should be!


Stunning in Black and White

Two colors that both scream sophistication and class.  We are absolutely loving both of these uniquely stunning pant outfits on Miss Hearts and Hands Utah USA and Miss Salt Lake City Utah USA.  The flawless wide leg pant and timeless colors make both of these interview outfits a hit!


Tap to scroll through for a few more of our favorite options for interview below!  And always remember that when shopping for your interview outfit, you want this look to say as much about your personality as your evening gown does!  Show them if you are spunky, sophisticated, youthful or mature!  The judges want to get to know YOU, and your interview outfit is simply another tool you have to help them do just that.

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