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Interview with Emily, Beauty Photographer

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Emily Lesher

Fine Art Photographer

I am a thirty-something wife and mother, who also happens to be a professionally trained fashion and beauty photographer from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I know what beauty looks like and I can see it in everyone.  I'm on a mission to help women realize how beautiful they are . . . starting with YOU! I create magazine style portraits for my clients that are very clean and bright. My work is found in magazines, on retail products, and several online businesses. As the official photographer for Miss Utah, Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen, Miss Utah USA, Miss Utah Teen USA, Miss Utah International, and Miss Utah Teen International, you could say that I LOVE photographing pageant contestants and models!


Why do you love doing what you do?

I think I always had a love for photography, but I didn't realize it until I was in my late twenties, living on a tiny five square mile island called Saba, in the Dutch West Indies in the Caribbean.  It was the first time in my life that I was really forced to pause, relax, and smell the fresh flowers so to speak.  I fell in love with the beautiful island, and I was very frustrated that my camera was not taking taking accurate pictures of what my eye was seeing.  I knew it had the capability, I just didn't know how to capture it.  My daughter was just a few months old at this time, and I wanted to photograph her every milestone.  The island I lived on was so small, so primitive, that there was no way to get professional pictures of her.  (Heck, this island was hard to find mascara at one of the three grocery stores!)  I spent hours online watching tutorials and reading everything I could about photography. I practiced photographing the scenery of the island (I could see seven islands from my front balcony that overlooked the Caribbean sea, so I had an incredible view.) and I photographed my daughter because I was determined to learn the craft.  When I moved back to the states in 2008, I bought my first real camera and enrolled in art school at Academy of Art in San Francisco where I spent the next five years specializing in commercial and fashion photography.

I come alive when I photograph.  I love photographing what I see in my mind.  I have come a long way from when I started almost 10 years ago.  I now specialize in beauty photography, where my team and I transform my clients into the most beautiful version of themselves.  


Who are some individuals whom you have photographed?  

I love everyone I have photographed, and everyone is memorable in some way.  I photographed the owners of doTERRA when they hit the one billion dollar mark in their business and they contacted me for re branding.  I've photographed the gentlemen's trio, GENTRI, and and some other bands as well.  I absolutely love photographing Utah's local and state title holders in the pageant systems.  I have so much hope for the future of America after getting to know so many incredible girls who are on a mission to make an impact on the world.  

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What are some things models should do to prepare for a shoot?

Come with even toned skin.  No tan lines please.  Come with nude nails, or no nail polish at all, but please have cleanly manicured nails.  If you are due for a haircut and color, do it before the shoot, not two days after the shoot. Drink water.  A lot of water.  It's amazing how much it can help the dewiness and elasticity of your skin, not to mention you will have fewer breakouts.   


What are 3-5 tips you have on how to take a good picture, from the models stand point? 

1. The closest thing to the camera will be emphasized, so if you have bigger hips, shift them back slightly and you will lose pounds instantly.  This technique goes for your bust, arms, and waist too.  

2. Stick your chin forward and down an bit.  This will define your jaw line and separate your face from your neck just a bit and you will instantly look slimmer and more defined.  

3. Think of powerful affirmations when you look in the camera.  This will give you confidence, and you will have a connection in the eyes when the camera fires. Some affirmations to think in your mind or say out loud (out loud is more effective, but both work):  I am powerful.  I am confident.  I am beautiful.  I am magnetic.  I am a boss lady.  I am smart.  I am intelligent.  I make smart choices.  

We are so grateful for Emily for sharing her expertise on photography and modeling!  If you liked what you read, leave a comment below and let us know what you think!  Thanks for reading!

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