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Buying 101 at Ypsilon Dresses

Ypsilon Dresses has over 5,000 dresses in store, ranging through multiple styles, colors, lengths, and attitudes.  With two warehouses full of different dress designers, shifting trends in ready-to-wear (that can drastically affect formalwear), and the fact that Ypsilon orders product six months in advance, you can bet the buying process is no easy task.  

However, the time we spend researching trends and traveling to meet in person with designers all over the country is 100% worth it, because of what we are then able to provide to our clients.  At Ypsilon, we are proud to have the largest selection and highest quality dresses in the state and surrounding areas.  Every style we have in store is high quality design that is fresh and on trend.  We strive to provide the most professional experience with numerous options in style, color, and size, while also providing a unique dress to each girl who leaves our store.  We truly love what we do, and couldn't imagine taking an 'easy' or 'quick' route to stock our store with products that are anything less than the best. 

Watch Buying 101 Part 1 and Part 2 to hear straight from Ypsilon Owner, Andrea, and Selah, one of Ypsilon's buyers, for some insights on Ypsilon's buying process, funny pet peeves clients have that we need to keep in mind, and a closed meeting showing the two discussing new Sherri Hill styles!



To view our Ypsilon Online Catalog with these styles Andrea and Selah talked about above, check out our Pinterest Boards below!

If you are ready to shop for Prom, now is the perfect time!  We have a huge amount of inventory right now in store, and there is no reason to wait!  To schedule your personal, one-on-one appointment, text or call (801) 355-5400 any time!

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