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10 Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Prom Experience!

1. Do your Dress research: Have an idea of the style of dress you want before you shop!  This is key to getting the perfect look that you can look back on in years to come, and love!  Check out our Pinterest Boards for inspo! Click below!


2. Shop for your dress early! Alterations and hemming can take time and you don't want to be rushed.  We have alteration recommendations with amazing seamstresses who we trust from all around the state available as well! During your appointment, ask your Dress Specialist for more information on these recommendations!


3. Get a ballgown dress with pockets, or bring a small clutch! Things like chapstick, lipstick, extra earring backs, mints, and feminine products can always be useful and solve simple problems that might come up, keeping you stress free!


4. Get your makeup done professionally!  Every dance is special, but to really upgrade your look for Prom and add something extra for yourself, this is the perfect thing to do, especially if it is your senior prom!  Why not end your high school dance experience with a bang? A few of our favorite makeup artists to check out are: Ashley Drew @ashleydrewartistry, Christine Hoang @christinehoang.mua, Kali Chris @kalichris.hma, and Katina Stephens @makeupby_katina all on instagram! 


5. Wear shoes you are comfortable in! If you love high heels but still want to dance the night away comfortably, wedges are a great option!  And for those of you who can rock the 4 inch heels all night long, you go girl! 

6. Practice how you want to do your hair before the big day! Take into account the neckline and back of your dress to decide if an updo is the look for you!  Tap to scroll and see how these Ypsilon clients styled their hair for their different looks!


7. Don't forget about the jewelry!  You don't want to be that girl who forgets to plan for earrings and is frantically searching her things for something that might match while her date is downstairs.  Your earrings and other accessories have a dramatic impact on the look of your dress, so be sure to include jewelry in your styling process! Look at the beading on your gown and match it as closely as possible.  If you purchase a Sherri Hill gown, check out the new Sherri Hill Jewelry line!  These gorgeous gems on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will perfectly match the gems on your dress, and are the perfect detail.  Watch below to get a sneak peak at all of the new designs in store!

8.  Take a trip to your local salon for a manicure & pedicure!  Pretty nails are a must for corsage pictures & if you are wearing open toed shoes!

9. Hire a professional photographer!  After shopping for your dream dress and getting all glammed up, professional photos that capture and keep your beauty forever are a must!

10.  Finally, prepare the night before!  Lay out everything you need for your Prom day to make sure it all looks the way you want it to!  Check that your dress is perfectly steamed, you have your shoes, accessories, hair essentials, lipstick, clutch & all its contents, and what you plan on wearing for your day date!  Remember to charge your phone for photos at the dance and that you are clear with when your date will be by to pick you up!  Being prepared will help the day go much smoother for you, and can dramatically enhance your Prom experience!


Hope to see you soon!


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