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30 Day Date Ideas for Prom!

There are so many different elements to your Prom night, and while getting dressed up is obviously the best part, a well planned day can make all the difference in making this the most memorable part of high school.  Part of that planning?  Starting your experience out with an amazing day date!

It can be hard sometimes to think of something exciting and new to do with your date, so we've compiled 30 of our favorite ideas for High School dance day dates below!

1. Go paint-balling! Not too expensive and everyone has a fun time!

2. Work together to get out of an Escape Room!  There are many different options for great escape rooms all across Utah- go try something new!

3. Go to Color-Me-Mine in Provo!  A fun and artsy activity, + you will have something tangible to remember the date by!

4. Go on a hike!  One of our favorites is to hike up to Donut Falls + bring donuts for a treat at the top!

5. Go roller skating! Break the ice before the dance or simply hold onto your date for dear life.

6. Taste test chocolates at The Taste in Provo.  A classy date and wonderful desserts!

7. Go rock climbing! 

8. Have a bonfire!

9. Go bowling!  Make it a competition and whoever wins gets a prize.

10.  Go to Social Axe in SLC and learn how to throw axes at targets!

11.  Make homemade pizzas!  Get creative with fun flavors & toppings!

12. Play glow in the dark volleyball indoors, or find a sand court outdoors!

13. Volunteer at a local food bank for a few hours!  

14. Rent mountain bikes and go mountain biking!

15. Dress up and take a country dancing class to learn a few moves before Prom!

16. Rent tubes and float down the Provo River!

17. Go to an arcade and compete between couples who can get the most tickets!

18. Ice skating is so fun - no matter the season!

19. Anyone in your group have a few four wheelers?  Go four-wheeling!

20. Find a Drive In Movie!

21. Go to an amusement park for the day! 

22. Go have an all-you-can eat sushi lunch!

23.  Kayaking nearby?  Get adventurous!

24.  Race on GO-carts!

25. Attend a local music concert & get to know new bands!

26. Take a horseback riding lesson! 

27. Make a scavenger hunt and do it at your local mall!

28. Go skeet shooting!

29.  Get relaxed before the big night by bringing your group to a yoga class!

30. Set up a picnic with card games!

Have any other ideas we could add to our list?? Drop them in the comments below!  And have so much fun on your day dates!


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