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3 Things to Know about Miss USA 2018

Good morning and Happy Monday/Memorial Day to you!  Last week on May 21st, a new Miss USA was crowned, and we have three things you need to know about her below!


First! Her name is Sarah Summers, and she was previously Miss Omaha USA, then Miss Nebraska USA, and now, the reigning Miss USA!  She is a quirky blonde with a big personality and was extremely confident in herself on stage, answering her on-stage questions with intelligence and class.

Her first was a question from Miss Florida USA  Génesis Dávila who asked, 

One in four children in the United States is in a single-parent household.  How does that affect our generation's views on marriage and family?

To which Summers answered:

I am so grateful to have grown up in a home with two parents. Hi, parents out there! (insert wave & smile here) I can't personally relate to this. However, I do work in children's hospitals as a certified Child Life Specialist where I am the liaison between the children and families and the medical team. I've seen single mothers at the bedside, working remotely at their computers to stay by their children and support them. I think that it just shows the children, no matter if it's a boy or it's a girl, that they can do that.

Her second question was asked in the top three. The question was:

You're on your way to a march, and someone hands you a blank sign and a marker.  What do you put on your sign and why?

To which her response was:

I say, 'Speak your voice.' I don't know what what march we're on our way to in this hypothetical situation, but no matter where you're going whatever type of march it is, you're obviously on your way to that march because you care about that cause. So go speak to people when they have questions. Communicate with them. Listen to their views also. That is one thing in the United States that we really need to focus on: listening to each other.

Her answers were spot-on, showing bits of her personality, values, and her ability to stay well composed and charming on stage during stressful situations.   

Second, Summer's evening gown was breathtaking.  She wore an all black Sherri Hill gown that was fully beaded with a bold skirt cape which she held when she walked.  It was mentioned by the commentators that she had previously had the dress made in yellow, which he though would have been a better choice for her, but we can't complain one bit about this dramatic and feminine Sherri Hill in black. 

Before the evening gown competition began, she was asked back stage if she had a strategy for this phase of competition.  She responded with:

"Thinking of it as my time to shine. Taking the time I can on the stage to connect with these empowered judges in the selection committee. It's amazing. Just connecting through the cameras- as silly as it sounds- to all my friends and family back home who couldn't be here. So thank you guys for watching."

(Tap to scroll. Photo cred to the Miss Universe Organization and Sherri Hill at @sherrihill on Instagram)

And third: Not only were her answers empowering and her dress breathtaking, but her crowning moment was one of the most adorable & heartwarming reactions ever!  Tap below to scroll through some photos of her moment, courtesy of @sarahr_summers Instagram and the Miss Universe Organization!

We already adore her, and can't wait to watch her journey continue! To follow along with her, check out @sarahr_summers and @missusa on Instagram!


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