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Have YOU Ever Considered Entering a Pageant?

We have two primary clients at Ypsilon: our Prom girls, and our Pageant girls.  In this post, we are talking to our Prom girls who might have ever considered becoming a 'Pageant Girl' too. 

Have YOU ever considered it? 

Maybe you don't know a thing about pageantry, have some misconceptions or stereotypes of pageantry, or, maybe, you're that girl who sits down with her girlfriends and some popcorn each year when Miss America and Miss USA come around! Whoever you are, if you have considered the benefits of pageantry, NOW IS YOUR TIME.  Take action and step out into your goals, and try something new!

What: We have a meet and greet for both the Miss Utah USA and Miss Utah Teen USA pageants coming up at our store, and if you are considering pageantry in the near future, this is the perfect event for you to come ask questions and get an idea of what being a contestant entails!

When: 4-6pm THIS SATURDAY, June 9th. Come chat with current titleholders and sponsors, meet the new directors, and ask any and all questions you have about what participating will be like! 

Where: The Ypsilon Dresses store of course! Our address is 6905 S. State Street, Midvale, UT.

Questions? Email info@missutahusa.com with any questions!

Still not sure? 

Hear from one of our dress specialists who became a 'Pageant Girl' and what she has to say about that process!

Whitney Gillman:

"You have nothing to lose.  You have everything to gain.  Even if you don't win, you learn so much about yourself by putting yourself out there and doing something you've never done before.  It pushes you in a good way. 

You gain friendships, service opportunities, and experiences that allow you to express your yourself, and your opinion.  It teaches you a lot about being confident as well.  I've known a lot of girls who don't have the greatest self-confidence, but then they enter a pageant and they feel so much better about themselves, even if they don't win.  They prove to themselves that they can stand up on stage and put themselves out there.  It really does prepares you for so many things.  There is the modeling skill where you learn how to walk and how to carry yourself better, but there is also the interview standpoint, where you learn how to phrase words better, become more educated, and elevate the way you are able to communicate.

For me, I love performing.  That's a huge part of who I am.  But, in high school, I wasn't so lucky to get opportunities to perform.  In all of the shows we did at my high school, the roles were oftentimes pre-cast, so I didn't get those opportunities.  Because of this I had a lot of doubts about myself and my talents.  I would think, "You know, I'm not good enough because I'm not getting any big roles..." And I still was confident in myself, but I still always had to ask myself why I wasn't getting anything.  I also ran for SBO twice and didn't get it either time, just due to the politics of high school as well. But then when I decided to compete for Miss Riverton, I just kept thinking, "I've got nothing to lose."  I also saw the current Miss Riverton, and I thought that she was so cute and fun! And if she could do it, why couldn't I?  I borrowed a swimsuit, got a dress, and threw everything together last minute, and I won!  But even if I hadn't have won, it still would have been an incredible experience, and I would have been so happy I did it.  I would have moved on with the new skills that I learned and that would have been it!  But, that's not what happened.  I won, and I just thought, "Here we go!"  And I jumped all in.  I can honestly say it has changed my life.  I am a completely different person from when I decided to do Miss Riverton, versus now.  Even if I wouldn't have been crowned I still would have been changed as a person, but I just look at myself now and almost laugh at the changes.  I didn't even know how to fill in my eyebrows or carry on a conversation with someone I knew nothing about!  But now, being involved in the system and after really putting myself out there, I can easily talk to people I know nothing about, because you have to.  You are surrounded by people you've never met all the time, and it gives you those opportunities you wouldn't have been given otherwise. I've also learned a lot about this realm of the world; pageantry, the fashion industry, beauty, and so forth. I'm so glad I did it, and I try to talk anyone into it that I can!  I now know that I can do hard things!  And I know that your success isn't measured in what you achieve, its just the fact that you did it.  I never got that satisfaction just auditioning for shows, because with pageants I had to put myself out there in a way that forced me to develop and grow.  And that growth is something that anyone can gain from."

- Whitney Gillman, @missdeseret.ut 

Photo Credit to @whibsyy, @missdeseret.ut, and Emily Lesher Photography.

Huge thank you to Whitney for sharing her story and advice! We are so lucky to have her at Ypsilon Dresses. And with that, we would LOVE to see you at our event on Saturday!  Email info@missutahusa.com with any questions!


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