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Our advice for your prom appointment!

Before your Ypsilon Appointment!

Setting up your prom appointment is simple, and easy! We want you to have the BEST experience possible at your appointment, so these are our 5 top tips from the Ypsilon team to you to make sure you get the most out of your appointment!

1.Do your research

Whether you have been dress shopping with us for every other dance, or this is your first time trying on a formal dress, we are here to help you through every stop of the way. Your dress specialist will be right there to help and assist with every dress, so there is no need to worry if you don’t know what you want! However, it is always fun to have ideas of what you would like to try on! You can look at our Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect dress inspiration!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ypsilondresses/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ypsilondresses/

2. Bring someone you trust!

While you can 100% come alone, or with a friend, bringing someone you trust will make the appointment so much better for you. Having someone there who knows you well and can help support you in making this decision will make your experience all the better! We recommend scheduling a time that works for both of your schedules - (appointments are only 90 minutes, and we have many different time options to choose from) - and coming in together! We promise you will appreciate the support, and it will become such a fun and memorable experience for you both!

3. Give yourself time

At Ypsilon we give 90 minutes to each prom appointment. We want you to find the perfect dress! This means, don’t rush your appointment! We DON’T suggest scheduling your prom appointment at 4 and a dentist appointment at 4:30!! We want your appointment to be stress-free and not rushed! Leave enough time for yourself to make the right decision for you! :)

4. Discuss your budget beforehand

Discussing your budget beforehand is important so you have an idea of what you are wanting to spend! We have beautiful dresses at all price points! Our long prom dresses start at $200, and go up to $800, and average around $400 - $500. The price point all depends upon style, designer, details, and design elements. Below you will see some examples of the different price ranges that Ypsilon has in store right now!



This is a great dress for an Ypsilon girl on a budget. The florals are so cute, and the simple fabric and skirt makes for an effortless dance experience!



We LOVE this yellow standout dress - and only $300! This dress has a darling 2 piece with a thick lace top, and then this amazing skirt with pockets!

$425 dres.jpg


Our average price point in the store is $400 - $450, depending on the dress and details! This shimmer fabric is to die for, and is a dress that falls in this price point! If you are in this budget range we highly suggest trying on this dress! We have shimmer in all colors, all shapes, and all price points as well! So don’t hesitate to ask about this at your next appointment!

$525 dress.jpg


A 2019 Sherri Hill print that we can’t resist! - This dress falls in this price point category - as do a lot of our other incredible Sherri Hill prints! If you are interested in the newest 2019 prints, this would be a great price point for you to start!

$625 dress.jpg


A fully beaded dress that is 100% worth every penny! When it comes to Sherri Hill, her high end pieces that are fully beaded or have other fantastic details - will make your jaw drop. This is for the girl going all out for Prom, or getting her evening gown or other wardrobe for a Pageant! Going all out for your next formal event? Be prepared to be amazed!

5. Show up feeling fresh

Show up to your appointment feeling clean and fresh! We want you to look and feel confident when trying on these dresses! Whatever this means to you! We want your dress appointment to be a wonderful experience!

Are you ready to book your prom appointment, knowing now how to enhance your appointment experience? Give us a call or text at (801) 355-5400. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect dress!


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