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Introducing our 2018-2019 Ypsilon Brand Reps!

This past year with our 2017-2018 Ypsilon Reps has been amazing.  We got to know some of the kindest, most driven, most involved girls in the state of Utah and made lasting friendships!  We are so sad to say goodbye to our 2017-2018 class, but with every ending brings a beautiful new beginning.  

And with that, we are so excited to announce our 2018 - 2019 Ypsilon Reps! Over 100 girls from across the state applied for this representative program, and after meeting so many wonderful young women, we had the most difficult time narrowing it down to the select few who will be representing us this upcoming year. 

Without further ado, introducing our 2018-2019 Ypsilon Brand Reps!

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EsDee Larsen

Hi! I'm EsDee!

I’m the first grand daughter born out of 9 grand sons.

I don’t have a middle name.

And I am the youngest in my family!

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Lexi Taylor

I have a passion for singing and all things choir and Musical Theater! 

My favorite place to be is in Lake Powell boating with my family every summer. 

My favorite flowers are Sunflowers and Lilacs! 

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Ashley Rich

Hey! I'm Ashley! I run track and cross country, I love photography & editing,

Annnd I have a very unhealthy addiction to chocolate!  


Sydney Williams

Hey, I'm Sydney! I play varsity basketball & track.

I was named after where my mom (Natalie Williams) won her Olympic Gold medal in Sydney, Australia. 

& I Have a twin brother!


Sophie Baker

Hi! I'm Sophie!

I absolutely LOVE paddle boarding. 

I play the saxophone, it’s black nickel with really sick, blue keys. 

I am interested in the field of business and marketing and would love to become an entrepreneur. 

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Ryleigh Paulin

Hello! I'm Ryleigh!

I’m going to be starting my junior year at Lone Peak High School! 

I love videography and I’ve had my own YouTube channel since I was 10! 

I love traveling and meeting new people!

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Abbey Hammond

I’ve been dancing and cheering since I was three years old. 

I celebrated my 16th birthday in Paris. 

I’m a current Viewmont cheerleader! 

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Hannah Barrett

Hey, I'm Hannah! I have been dancing for 10 years. 

My favorite season is summer because I LOVE swimming!

Although I love staying inside watching Netflix all day, I really enjoy going out doors, going hiking, and just going on adventures in general.

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McKenzie Sampson

Hey, I'm McKenzie! I love singing, love good music & going to concerts, and I love to travel


Sydney Robbins

Hi, I'm Sydney!

I love love love to dance, I love anything creative and artsy, and I’m a neat freak and love to have everything organized! 

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Kailee-Jade Jenson

I have one of the weirdest names ever! My parents gave me a hyphenated name so my actual first name is Kailee-Jade. Including my middle name, I have 4 names so by the time I get married i’ll have 5! 

I’m 15 and DYING to be able to drive! 

I love skiing! 

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Liv Schaeffer

My favorite color is rose gold! 

Photography & videography is a huge part of me, and is one of my biggest passions! 

I’m more like my dad than my mom. We have very similar interests, & he is always helping me and pushing me to the best of my abilities with everything I do! 

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Tessa Conley

I'm Tessa! I am a cosmetology/ barbering student

I love singing/ dancing/ anything musical!

 I love to paint!


Kassidy Delatorre

Hey everyone! I'm Kassidy!

I used to live in California & i love the beach!! 

I LOVE TO PARTY!! & go on fun adventures, make memories & meet new people.

I love to laugh & I love costa vida with my whole heart.

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Sarah Sun

Hey! I'm Sarah!

I'm passionate about many things, but music is my first love!

I can play 11 instruments and have performed as a piano soloist at Carnegie Hall.

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Reagan Sweat

Hey guys! I'm Reagan! My hair is actually brown and short (er) now

Dippin dots are the best thing on planet earth. 

Also I rarely wear shoes in the summer!

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Rivers Johnson

Hey! I'm Rivers! I have played the piano since kindergarten love anything related to music!

I have swam competitively since I was 7, and ranked ninth in the state currently. I also have 4 school records. 

I taught myself how to braid, and one of my favorite hairstyles is a 5-strand braid!

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Emma Quarnberg

Hey! I'm Emma!

I love love love to cheer ! Not only am I a cheerleader but i also coach cheer & tumbling. 

Lake Powell is my happy place, and I spend almost a month there in the summer. 

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Gentry Taylor

Hey, I'm Gentry, a 5th generation southern Utah rancher on both sides of my family.

My family has roughly 1,200 head of cattle, 3,500 sheep, and somewhere around 50 horses.

I run barrels and poles in high school rodeo and also as a recreational sport! 

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Erika Downs

Hey, I'm Erika! My life long dream to is travel EVERYWHERE! I love new places and adventures and my top 3 places to visit are Italy, India and Thailand! 

One of my more realistic dreams is to become a pediatrician! (I just completed my CNA program so I’m one step closer!)

On a typical summer day you can catch me riding my motorcycle to the reservoir to go swimming and get snow cones with my friends! 


Hannah Curtice

Hey all!  I'm Hannah! 3 interesting things about me would be: I have a huge fear of belly buttons, I’m hyper-mobile, my favorite animal is a snail!

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Addy Keisel

Hey, I’m Addy!

I’ll be a freshman this upcoming school year at Manti High school! 

I LOVE going on crazy adventures and hanging out with friends.  One of my favorite is meeting new friends from all over.  

I am an MHS cheerleader, but I also have a love for dance!  I have played the piano for 9 years.  I love to perform piano or dance anytime I get the chance.

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Alesia Medina

Hey, I'm Alesia! I love to sing, play the guitar and piano, and I’m a cheerleader at my high school. I love cheering because I get to be a positive role model at my school and get my classmates involved! 


Portia Fernandez

Hey, I'm Portia!

I am a competitive swimmer and have been for the past 10 years. Also, I am a percussionist and soloist for Park City High School's advanced percussion ensemble.

Along with music and swimming, I am very interested in baking and cooking and do so in my free time!

 And of course, I am very excited to be an Ypsilon Rep this year!

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Hannah Gould

I'm Hannah! I am very involved in my school's performing arts department. I am also very artistic; some mediums include art, photography, and design.

I'm so excited to be an Ypsilon Rep for the 2018-19 season!

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Holly Carter

Hey! I'm Holly!

I am an only child!

I am a cheerleader at MMHS!

I’ve played the violin for six years! 

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Katrina Weig

I'm Katrina! I play volleyball for West Jordan high school.

I have 2 horses. 

I love anything having to do with being outdoors!

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Morgan Burton

Hey, I'm Morgan! I love winter and being in the cold weather! (That means snowmobiling, snow skiing, or even figure skating!)

I figure skated competitively for 11 years. 

I am a cheerleader at weber high and also love to dance.

I raise pigs all summer and show them in the weber county fair!

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Lexi Larsen

Hey everyone, I'm Lexi! I go to Brighton, and am so excited for my senior year of high school & to be an Ypsilon Brand Rep!

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Amaya Chandler

Hey, I'm Amaya!

Some fun facts about me are that I have never tried a hamburger.

My absolute favorite place to be in the summer is on the lake with my family boating.

I am a pretty picky eater and for the first few years of my life my food consisted of plain noodles and corn.

And I'm so excited to be an Ypsilon brand rep!

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Asya Soth

I love to go on adventures, and I someday plan to travel the world!

I can cook almost anything just give me the recipe, and Friends is my all time favorite show!

Comment 'LOVE!' in the comment box below if you already agree that these girls are amazing, talented, beautiful souls! And stay tuned for more coming your way about our rep program in the future! We are thrilled to have these reps + many more of you as part of our tribe going into this next school year!

xoxo for now,

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