3 Tips for Healthier Hair and more

3 Tips for Healthier Hair and more

We all know that beauty stems from within, but portraying a 'beautiful you' on the outside helps you feel beautiful and confident on the inside as well!  When we interviewed Jennifer Johnson (who has been in the hair industry for over 22 years) at Pro Do Blow-dry Bar out of Draper, she said that "As much as our focus is on outward beauty, the more you “feel” beautiful, the more your beauty will shine.  It really does start within and there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who loves and accepts herself!"

5 years ago, Jennifer's passion for hair and her burning desire to become an entrepreneur coincided with a new concept that was sweeping the nation.  She brought the first blow dry bar concept to Utah.  With 2 locations and almost 30 employees and growing, she is an example of perusing your dreams and not letting fear come in the way of who we are meant to be.  Read below for more from Jennifer on owning a business, being your best self, and her top 3 tips for healthy hair!

What is it like to be a business owner in Utah?

Being a business owner is a little like a roller coaster ride.  The ups and downs can be very extreme, but also very exciting.  While the weight on your shoulders can be scary, the milestones and successes help balance things out.  You need to have passion and never forget the “Why” in order to get through the tough times.  

One of our slogans at Pro Do is “We don’t sell hairstyles, we sell confidence.”  We all know how we feel when our hair looks great and to be able to provide that for women and make it convenient and affordable is what pro Do is about.  It goes way beyond just styling hair and we are so lucky to be such a huge part of our guests lives!

3 Tips for Healthier Hair from Jennifer!

1. Don’t wash it as often!  The more you wash your hair, not only will you have to style it more often and using heat on it, you will be stripping it of it’s natural oils that help keep your hair naturally conditioned.  Add one extra day at a time, and give your scalp a few weeks to adjust before you add another day.
2. Give yourself a deep conditioner every few washes.  Add it to your mid-shaft to ends after 2 washes.  Clip up for 10 mins.  Rinse with cool water….and enjoy your soft locks! 
3. Use a good oil or cream on your ends daily.  Every morning, I apply Instant Repair by Living Proof to my ends and they thank me! It’s almost like lotion for your hair. 

 Where can we get inspiration for Prom hairstyles?

If you want to try some new styles on your hair in preparation for prom, I’ve got one word for you….  YouTube!  You will find so many fun ideas!  Just remember, it takes a lot of practice.  If you’d rather us do it for you, book your appointment early, and come let us pamper you!    

 How are you personally able to reach your dreams?

One of my all time favorite quotes is:  “Everyday, do something you’re afraid of.”  I love facing my fears and totally going out of my comfort zone.  This is how we grow and not stay stuck in our same ruts. I have been working on breaking my fear of public speaking by just doing it…even though fear consumes my entire being!  I also recently bought a Harley, something I’ve always wanted but always let fear come in the way of doing it.  Its so great to not let fear hold us back from accomplishing whatever we want to do!

Final Thoughts

When I was young, I was so awkward!   I didn’t fit in with the “in crowd” and I tried so hard to be “cool”.  As I got older, I realized life is all about how we make people feel.  There is so much opportunity to make the world a better place and impact people’s lives around us for the better.  If we stop caring about what people think about us, we can flourish and be the beautiful person we were truly meant to be.  “Be yourself….everyone else is already taken.”

To find more information about Jennifer & the pro-do blow dry bar, click the link below or find them on Instagram at @pro_do.  www.prodoblowdrybar.com



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