Modest Dresses

We understand that each girl has her own individual style. You want to look beautiful, trendy and modest. Ypsilon carries hundreds of stylish, modest dress options in-stock. What if your favorite dress is… too revealing in the bustline, too low in the back, or strapless. Don’t stress, with our custom fabric options, sleeve samples, back panels and recommendations for professional tailors, Ypsilon has everything you need to make the modest dress of your dreams a reality. Ask a dress specialist if you would like to see these options during your appointment. Watch the videos below to hear more about our modest options.

This gallery features some of our favorite modest styles but not all are pictured online. Designers, style numbers and prices are not listed. If you see a dress you like then save the photo to show your Dress Specialist during your appointment. Remember, if the back is too low or slit too high, there's no need to stress, our tailors can make adjustments to make the dress just right for you. To book your appointment call or text 801-355-5400.

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