Our team of dress specialists is what separates us from any other dress store. They make an ordinary experience extraordinary! They are your own personal fairy godmother. They listen to your wants, needs, and make them all come true! Let's meet these amazing girls!

Sarah Nelson

  • Favorite candy: sour gummy worms
  • Favorite hobbies: classical piano, hike, travel, paint my nails, and anything beauty related
  • "I love helping girls feel empowered in their bodies and beautiful just the way they are through our dresses! The smile when you help your client find the right dress is so rewarding!"

Whitney Gillman

  • Favorite candy: gummi sour poppers
  • Favorite hobbies: wakeboarding, singing, camping and dancing
  • "I love Ypsilon because I’m so passionate about the product, and the dresses that we get in the store are constantly blowing my mind. Not only that, but seeing hundreds upon hundreds of girls light up in a dress that they love every day is truly indescribable and I am so lucky to be a part of that!"

Ella Morrell

  • Favorite candy: skittles
  • Favorite hobbies: cheer
  • "My favorite thing about Ypsilon is the fun environment and the people i get to work with"

Myki Tran

  • Favorite candy: truffles
  • Favorite hobbies: dance, bowling, photography, fishing
  • "I love Ypsilon because of what we help our clients achieve, bringing out all their beauty and confidence - each in their own special ways!"

Savannah Poteet

  • Favorite candy: mike and ikes
  • Favorite hobbies: hiking, boating, camping, and writing
  • "I love Ypsilon because it is an environment where you lift women up and it’s always so positive!'

Malia Shamy

  • Favorite candy: I don’t like candy, my teeth are too sensitive
  • Favorite hobbies: running, lacrosse, friends, hanging with my brother, writing in my journal, making necklaces & bracelets
  • "I love getting to work with so many girls to help them find their dream dress!"

Elle Broadhead

  • Favorite candy: sour skittles
  • Favorite hobbies: Hiking, working out, and working with people with disabilities at my school
  • "I’m so excited to work at Ypsilon to help every girl feel beautiful."

Breklynn Daybell

  • Favorite candy: laffy taffy
  • Favorite hobbies: dance & painting
  • "I love Ypsilon because the environment is so fun and uplifting and it’s an experience unlike any other!"

    Tayci Hoskins

    • Favorite candy: cinnamon bears
    • Favorite hobbies: driving, singing, playing with my puppies, and dancing
    • "I love Ypsilon for many reasons, but a large one is how the staff makes sure you're comfortable during every appointment. Even if they've never met you, they treat you like you're best friends! I'm so excited for this homecoming season and I can't wait to help you find your perfect dress!"

    Hannah Norton

    • Favorite candy: fruit gushers
    • Favorite hobbies: singing, pageants, and playing Dungeons and Dragons
    • "I love Ypsilion because of the individualized experience provided to each client. From inventory to dress specialist, each appointment is catered to the client."

    Liv Nelson

    • Favorite candy: sweet tart ropes
    • Favorite hobbies: paint, hike, and do my nails
    • "I love Ypsilon because I love seeing so many pretty dresses on so many different people and personalities."

    Faith Arrington

    • Favorite candy: bueno bars
    • Favorite hobbies: painting & drawing

    Anna Filidore

    • Favorite candy: sour patch watermelons
    • Favorite hobbies: dance, true crime podcasts, shopping, binging Reality TV, and hanging out with my friends, family, and dogs!
    • "I love Ypsilon Dresses because it’s such a unique shopping experience and really allows for our clients to not have to worry about any of the stressful parts of shopping; only the fun part of trying things on! we also have such a wide variety of gowns that we most definitely have something for everyone."

    Kenzie Jones

    • Favorite candy: dove dark chocolate or snickers
    • Favorite hobbies: running, basketball, volleyball, walks, and watching movies
    • "I love Ypsilon because it is all about lifting up and helping the girls feel beautiful and confident in their perfect dress."

    Chloe Hyder

    • Favorite candy: reese peanut butter cups
    • Favorite hobbies: working out, watching sports, playing sports, and doing anything outdoors
    • Favorite candy: reese peanut butter cups
    • Favorite hobbies: working out, watching sports, playing sports, and doing anything outdoors
    • “I love Ypsilon because the experience is like nowhere else! All of the dress specialist have a such a love and passion for the job and our amazing inventory! Plus there is nothing better than getting to see girls be there most confident self when finding them their dream dress!”

    Tia Bloom

    • Favorite candy: kit kats
    • Favorite hobbies: dancing, volunteering, and running some of my school's instagrams
    • "I love Ypsilon because I love interacting with people and seeing the smile on their face when they feel like their best selves because of a singular dress that I got to pull for them!"

    Ireland Rackham

    • Favorite candy: snickers
    • Favorite hobbies: pageantry and being with family and friends
    • "I love when a girl finds their dress and you can see the way they light up. I also love getting to meet and getting to know so many new people!"

    Eliana Groves

    • Favorite candy: kit kats or reeses
    • Favorite hobbies: competing in pageants, mountain bike racing, dance, art, and all things fashion
    • "Ypsilon is the best because you get to make connections with girls from all over!"

    Alivia Savage

    • Favorite candy: tropical starbursts
    • Favorite hobbies: photography and going on adventures
    • "I love working at Ypsilon because it doesn’t even feel like a job. Helping girls find dresses that they feel beautiful in is the best part. Personally, i am not a dress person but if i find the right dress then my mind is changed and i hope to have that same effect on people who come through our doors!"

    We love these girls and are so excited to have them help you this upcoming season!