Top 3 Homecoming Trends for 2021

Homecoming season is upon us! Let's talk TRENDS! We will be sharing three different trends that are going to be so hot this season. You can take any of these trends and make them your own. Let's check them out!


Fringe is BACK and we're so happy it is! It adds the perfect amount of edge but still has a feminine touch. Whether your dress has fringe sleeves, fringe lining, or it's completely covered in fringe, we're here for it! We recommend styling this trend with a classy ponytail or straight hair tucked behind the ears for the perfect look!


We think we just time traveled back to the 80's and we're not mad about it! If you love bright colors then this trend is for you! You will make a huge statement in a dress as vibrant as this one! You can dress it up with some nude heels or dress it down with some sneakers. However you decide to style this trend, we know you're going to rock it!


The one shoulder and one sleeve trend is SO classy. It's simple, subtle, yet it still makes a statement. We recommend pairing this trend with some stunning statement earrings and soft curls. You will be looking so good in this style!

We love homecoming season and being able to help girls find their perfect dress that reflects their inner beauty. If you want to shop these three homecoming trends and more, text us at 801-355-5400 to book your appointment NOW! We look forward to meeting you!