How to Style: Sweethearts Edition

How to Style: Sweethearts Edition


You booked the appointment, you got the dress, but you are struggling to style it. Don't worry, we're here to save the day! Take a look at a few styled sweethearts dresses to get inspiration for your dance!


You can never go wrong with pink.

With this simple dress, there are many ways to style it! We decided to go down the sleek yet fun path for this one. Nothing screams sleek more than straight hair, however we wanted to spruce it up a little bit. Throw some braids in your hair to take it to the next level! With a dress this vibrant we recommend keeping your nails natural. To finish it off we felt that this dress needed something a little funky, so we paired it with these amazing bow heels!


How does that song go? "Dress like an Egyptian"... right?

We have the biggest heart eyes for this Egyptian inspired dress. The details and fringe are so good that it feels illegal to be looking at it. With a dress this striking, we recommend hair going up. A sleek ponytail only felt right for this look. We really wanted to bring out the gold accents, so we went ahead and chose some killer gold chrome nails! To keep all of the attention on you, pair this dress with some simple white heels.


Carrie Bradshaw stopped by our store to style this one. You're welcome.

Piggybacking off of the girly vibe this dress gives off, the bow in the hair is absolutely necessary. It's fun, flirty and unique! Don't be afraid to stand out and be bold! We felt neutral nails and heels would only be best to have the unique parts of the look speak for themselves. 


Our jaws fall to the floor every time we lay eyes on this dress!

It is extremely festive for your sweethearts dance without being obnoxious. Big Hollywood waves only felt appropriate for this look. They help the "main character" energy shine through. To make the roses pop, red french tips and pumps are the only right decision.


If this look doesn't make you want to go frolic around the streets of Paris, we have no idea what will. 

It's giving trendy, tasteful and quite honestly... New York Fashion Week. To allow the dress to serve the way it's intended, compliment it with your styling. A high ponytail with the front pieces out, nails that match your dress and simple nude heels is the perfect way to bring this dress to life!


When we think of sweethearts and Valentines Day, we think of three things: Red, pink and ruffles. With that being said, we incorporated all three into this styling.

Let's start off with hair. Curls with sleek front pieces is the best way to compliment ruffles. Yes, we're talking from personal experience. Wanting to gradually add some pink into this look, we chose pink nails with red french tips! Could you just cry looking at those? We didn't want the pink to become too obnoxious, so we went with a clear light pink pump to keep it tasteful!


Are you feeling a lot better about styling your dress? We thought so. 

If you still don't have your dress for sweethearts, you know what to do! Call or text us at 801-355-5400 to book an appointment now!


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