Trend Talk: Lace

Trend Talk: Lace

Lace: a classic. It’s delicate, elegant, and unique; no two lace dresses are ever the same! We love that lace can make for a chic, feminine look or it can be worn boldly. However it’s worn, it makes a statement. Below we've compiled just a few of our favorite lace dresses, and we'll share what makes each of them unique. 

#1: Why we love this dress . . . the color combo.

Unique Lace Dress

A beautiful color combination. And yet this dress holds another super power: elongation. Its fitted shape, v neckline, and lacey hem elongate the body and make for a look that is stunning, elegant and fierce.  

Perfect for: a standout wedding guest look

Price: $100

#2: Why we love this dress . . . the puffed sleeves. 

Fitted White Lace Dress

A fitted silhouette paired with a puffed sleeve is a match made in heaven! Throw in a high neck and fully-covered back, and you get a dress that is sassy, fresh, and fun. 

Perfect for: an edgy summer look

Price: $100

#3: Why we love this dress . . . the fitted shape. 

Long sleeve lace dress

Flattering and chic, this dress has a lace pattern that highlights the body in all of the right places. Its full-body coverage gives it a sophisticated and modern feel. 

Perfect for: an elegant wedding guest look

Price: $75

#4: Why we love this dress . . . the lace appliqués. 

white lace dress

Large-cut lace appliqués on a dress make even more of a statement. In this case, they've come together to create a dress with a beautiful hem, classy neckline, and a subtle show of skin on the shoulders and upper back. 

Perfect for: a classic summer date look

Price: $100

#5: Why we love this dress . . . the color. 

orange lace dress

The color of this dress! Its burnt orange gives off the most cool-girl bohemian vibe. There's even more to love as its loose silhouette makes for a comfortable and flowy summer style. 

Perfect for: a down-to-earth summer look

Price: $75

#6: Why we love this dress . . . the two-piece silhouette. 

two-piece lace dress

Subtle and beautiful, this dress features thick baby pink lace, a fun two-piece cut, and a knee-length skirt with a lacey overlay. An effortless, classy look. 

Perfect for: a sophisticated wedding guest look

Price: $100

#7: Why we love this dress . . . the two-tone lace. 

cute lace dress

This pastel cotton-candy dress has us swooning. With a flattering fit, fun pleated skirt and flowy cap sleeve, this dress is as dreamy as it gets! 

Perfect for: a delicate summertime look

Price: $100



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