Tis' the Season for Glam

Tis' the Season for Glam


The decorating, the music, the treats, but above all, dressing up. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, you can always find joy stepping foot into a beautiful dress.

If you are rummaging the closet trying to find the perfect outfit for your next holiday event, take a second to step back and explore the dresses we have handpicked for you.


Whether your work party is at the office or a restaurant, this dress does it all. If you want to keep it more casual, the shape allows you to dress it down. If casual isn't in your vocabulary, no worries! The sheer sleeves, ruffles, and star design gives you all the freedom to dress it up the way you would like to. 


A night out on the town with the girls means we're going all out! This fully sequined cocktail number is screaming your name. The style is simple which means this dress will flatter you in all of the right places. What could you possibly want more of in a dress for this occasion?


Allow us to paint a picture for you. It's lightly snowing outside and you're walking into a theatre to watch the iconic nutcracker production. Best part about this? You're rocking this dress! She's flirty and elegant all in one. People may have paid to watch the nutcracker, but they won't be able to take their eyes off of you.


We simply can't find the rights words to describe how good you would look in this dress! Your family and friends will not stop complimenting how unbelievable you look ALL Christmas Eve or Hanukkah dinner. You are going to be the center of attention all night long. 100% guaranteed.


One look at you in this dress and people will be on thanking you for blessing their eyes to ring in the new year. Listen, you will be looking like America's next top model the second you step into this dress. The sequins and the stars scream "I am the moment" for your NYE party. Don't take any chances, just buy the dress.


We told you we would take care of you. No need to thank us, it's just what we do. If you haven't already run to our website or booked an appointment... what are you doing? These dresses won't stay in stock forever!

Call or text us at 801-355-5400 to book your appointment now!


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